New Year New Start

Well, there has been a big change here since my last post. Everyone says the new year is a chance to make a new start and we sure did!! Cisco moved barns and I found a new trainer. Unfortunately Cisco’s old mom and my previous coach decided to step back from the equestrian world for a bit. I spent many days looking at barns for both myself and my barn bestie, Nicole. Cisco has also been seeing a chiropractor to keep her in top shape after hauling my ass around week after week like a star.

Cisco enjoying her new arena.

The farm I wanted to get into, where my new coach, Julie Clark, bases her coaching business out of, wasn’t taking new boarders. Bummer for me. The farm is closer to home for me and has a fabulous cross county course and I already know some people who board there.

In the mean time, I had to find somewhere to put Cisco while I waited for a stall to become available. Luckily Julie comes to me for lessons when our schedules and the planets align. I found a lovely boarding barn right around the corner from where Cisco was at Krystal Point. It’s bright, has amazing fibre footing in the indoor and everyone is friendly. There are other eventers there and the barn is still super close to where I work. Win win! But not sustainable for my pocketbook long term.

A stall became available sooner than I anticipated IF I’m willing to work at Cedar Peaks on Saturdays. So out I went to train with the barn manager. We hit it off like a crazy pair of birds!! I’ve worked there two Saturdays now and I’m really getting to know the ponies. So time for miss Cisco to move again at the end of February. I know it’s a lot of moving but this should be pretty permanent. I’m excited to settle in and crack on with my goals for this summer.

Of course we brought our favourite massage therapist, Simmons Equine Massage, with us. She’s been working with a chiropractor to help Cisco be the best she can be! The chiro found decreased range of motion in her right hind and has been doing adjustments on that. It has made a huge difference and we continue to work on the exercises they gave us. I feel it is super important to incorporate chiro and massage into a program and rule out anything physical when a problem comes up. In our case it was just a let’s see what she has going on but as the chiro asked the questions I could say, yes she had trouble leg yielding right to left and picking up the right lead after a jump. It’s not always a training issue and I’m so lucky that Cisco just keeps going and trying and doesn’t act out when she can’t do something.

With the barn search, I’m lucky I had a healthy budget and an awesome part boarder who is willing to help work off board. And a barn husband who helps pay board bills. It was quite an adventure going all around our area looking at barns. It was interesting to see how many connections I had in the horse world and who I could call up and say, hey what do you think about this place? I met some new contacts which is great and reconnected with some old friends from years ago.

As you may have noticed on IG, my confidence and nerves have taken a bit of a setback from when I went away on training in November. Unfortunately I’m still building back up to where we were and riding in a new arena with snow falling off the roof doesn’t help!! And soon we’ll start all very again with a new, new arena. 🙄 I am pleased to say that Julie is exceptionally patient with me and I have another coach I ride with in between, someone from Cisco’s past who is also amazing and gracious and patient with me. I’ve certainly had some excellent rides on Cisco recently but it needs (I need to be) more consistent in my anxiety and not letting it get the best of me.

I’m actually researching sport psychologist to help me with the non riding side of my riding. I know so much of my issues are mental and I’m willing to try anything. I make sure Cisco has the best care and I need to add something to my own toolbox.

One of Cisco’s turn out buddies and definitely the scene stealer of the barn.

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