Fall Adventures

Fall is always a busy time. We think summer is busy, but I think we fail to realize that we’re always busy, it never really slows down. Summer with horse shows and outdoor plans every weekend rolls into fall clinics and awards banquets and more things packed into less daylight. Back to school and halloween keeps everyone busy and then before you know it, we’re into Thanksgiving and that flies by and then Christmas stuff is out in stores and we’re counting down until Christmas!!

Since we last met after the hunter pace, I’ve been mostly plugging along with lessons, preparing for a tiny horse trial coming up this weekend at Wits End. We’re challenging the Tadpole division and I’m super excited for it. I think we’re ready. I even got myself a helmet cam (a Cambox Isi3) and took it for a spin during a jump lesson. A lesson in which I broke a stirrup leather but nothing crazy happened. I don’t even know exactly when it broke! When I landed from being jumped out of the tack? Waddling down or up the hill? Who knows.

I also had a chance to clinic with Shandiss McDonald, an upper level eventer and dressage coach. She loved Cisco, how could she not? Who doesn’t? I had such a great experience and we worked on lateral work, spiral circles with leg yields in and out at all gaits and some simple changes. We worked hard! Sissy even had sweat behind her ears! I got to run through my Tadpole dressage test and now I have some extra tips in my pocket. Now I just have to get Cisco moving and going like she was in the clinic when we get in front of the judge!!

Working on the quarter line, approaching her row of admirers watching us.

I’ve taken a bit of a break from running after that bloody long weekend relay run to Ottawa from Toronto. I haven’t had time to get out with the hounds again since September, although I was planning to go this weekend, I don’t think that’s going to happen either. Oh! I got my own fancy saddle pad, with more on the way so Gin and Tiny Jumps logo gear will be available in the new year thanks to StridesNStrings! Go give her a like and support a local small biz!!

I’m looking for other nervous nellies and/or plus size riders who want to write for Gin and Tiny Jumps. I love writing but I really want this to be a community about everyone! Supporting and helping and cheering for each other is the goal. If you’re interested or have an idea and want to write it, please get in touch! I would love to hear you! A clothing review, a personal story or anything for the community!

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  1. Emily says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun stuff coming up! I love my cambox helmet cam. I typically turn it on when I walk over to the startbox. Otherwise, I am BOUND to forget about it.


    1. Good to know! Thank you! It will be my first time leaving the start box. I have literally waited all my life for this! And I’m wearing a tutu because of you! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Emily says:

        Yessssssss the tutus make everything like 1,000Xs more awesome. #TutuSquad 🤗


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