Big girl (riding) problems part 1

I hate how I look in photos. Who reeeaaally likes it, let’s be honest. It’s human nature to be critical of ourselves and low self esteem and poor body image that I think most of us here would say we have, takes a magnifying glass to the parts we hate most. For me, my back and my “third boob” 😂. I can’t find a bra that doesn’t give me 3 boobs in the back! No riding shirt will not cling to places we don’t want it to cling. Sigh. So on my list big girl riding problem number one is not being able to enjoy photos of yourself riding. Tied with having a ton of photo of your horse and not many of you AND your horse.

That me at the back. My least favourite view. Note back boobs. 😆 Shoulders well rolled forward, unlike my friends with good posture. Story of my life.
Photo by Krystal Shot Photography

Next problem, big boobs. Bigger boobs mean more weight on the front to pull your shoulders forward. Fighting the good fight to have good posture on 2 feet is multiplied when riding. Your hands are doing 6 different thing (pulling, not pulling, giving, squeezing, closing, not losing the reins, keeping thumbs on top and not too high and not too low, all at the same time! Per hand!). And legs are doing different things in different places. This side of your butt is doing something, possibly the same thing as the other side of your butt but maybe not. Let’s not even add in eyes, heels and taking in stimulus around you to react to, feeling the horse underneath you and adjusting to make it better. Phew! I’m tired! And now some of us have bigger boobs and make it impossible to keep our shoulders back without thinking about it as a part time job because back muscles take time to develop and inevitably take a back seat to the 1004 other things you’re doing.

Problem 3: riding clothes are made for smaller folks. Oh, your brand only makes breeches up to size 32? And those run small? Wow, thanks for including us! Your XL shirts fit a normal person who wears size 10? Perfect. I’ll buy two and put them together. Boots? Oh no, not for you. If you’re lucky you’ll find some on the shelf and maybe a cobbler can stretch them an extra half inch to make them work. I find breeches that fit and they’re either A, expensive, B hard to find, or C they stop making them. Sometimes all 3. And they come in only 2 colours and oh, don’t ship to Canada.

Problem 4 on my list would be finding a horse that you don’t feel like you’ll squish that suits your riding level and budget. I’ve been lucky to have had some lovey horses that fit me, or I fit them, but I’ve had a few where I saw what the coach wanted me to ride and thought, have you looked at me? I will SQUISH THEM. I admit I still feel like that on Cisco some days and she’s part draft and doesn’t seem to mind. Sometimes when I’m not in a good place in my head (and no, I don’t have any eating disorder, and I don’t think I’ll ever delve into that topic since I have no experience), I think, oh shoot, I shouldn’t eat lunch before I ride, poor Cisco and before her, Eddie, has to carry me around later! But more often it’s “sorry Cisco, you get an extra meal to carry around with us!”

Third and 4th boobs on full display here. 🙄 Some days when I see pictures, and I’m seeing a lot more since I started the blog, I think I look too big for Cisco. She’s not small! Good thing she takes up my leg just right or my toes would be by her knees. Gosh I just love her.

Next week or post, whichever comes first I will try to tackle some of these problems. What do you say is your biggest big girl riding problem?

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